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There’s a lot we could say about our structure, our culture, and the challenges and opportunities provided; but that text carries little merit, as we all know that it’s about who you’re working with and the relationships you build on a day to day basis.

Instead of reading a paragraph about how great we are…reach out to us – let’s chat about what opportunities we have and how they may align with your aspirations in Game Development!

Join the crea-ture team and APPLY NOW! 

Art & Design

Art Director

As Art Director for one of our new upcoming PC/Console original IP you are responsible for developing and leading our art team to help establish art direction, set benchmarks and coordinate and lead the art production of the game.

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3D Artist

Our ideal candidate would have experience building worlds in collaboration with senior leadership and technical direction, providing environments that align with art, creative, and gameplay intentions. As a world artist for our unannounced title, you will be responsible for delivering an immersive 3D environment, helping to set benchmarks, and coordinating with the lead artist / art direction.

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Technical Artist

Our ideal candidate would have experience building tools and working in collaboration with artists, providing tools & expertise that align with art, creative, and gameplay intentions.

As a Technical Artist, you will be responsible for collaborating between artists, designers, engineers, and the development team to enhance art production workflows.

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IT / Tech / Programming

Senior Game Programmer

Part of the Nacon group, crea-ture Studios Inc. is focused on PC and Console original IP and is looking for an experienced programmer with a thorough understanding of video game development and production pipelines they will help develop Session and our future titles.
Qualified candidates need to be motivated and passionate about making and playing games. The candidate must be ready for the challenges involved with developing games and new technology.

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Technical Animator​

As the Technical Animator for our next “To Be Announced PC & Console” and for SESSION: Skate Sim, you are responsible for developing the Technical Animation pipeline that will become the spearhead of our animation production.

Your role will be to support the animation team in bringing characters to life while ensuring the quality and implementation of the content in the game engine (Unreal Engine). You will put your technical animation skills and knowledge to the test.

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